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With a staff boasting 100+ years’ experience, we at Benefits Coordinators, Inc. help small- to large-sized businesses find ways to provide their employees with the best benefit programs and health insurance in Augusta, Ga. and throughout the region at affordable prices. We handle the intensive process of analyzing countless available programs and packages while you take care of the day-to-day activities of your company.

We excel at answering the tough question of how to improve your employees’ security, well-being, and loyalty while remaining within the confines of your budget. Our clients range from businesses with 3 to 3,000 employees in virtually all industries – from manufacturing, construction, retail, and data processing to banking, hospitals and medical providers.

Let Benefit Coordinators, Inc. show you how to get the benefits your employees deserve. Contact us today for quotes on a variety of benefit options: Health insurancelife insurance, 401(k), and more!

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Whether you are investigating medical insurance for a new business, options for an existing business, or a self-funded multi-state group plan, our agency is prepared to assist you.

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Benefit Coordinators represents some of the nation’s largest and most financially respected life insurance companies. We can provide a quote for an individual to an employer plan with 3000 members.

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Some clients may need the benefits of a Medicare Supplement plan along with a Medicare Part D plan, while others may need a Medicare Advantage Plan which is an all-in-one plan option.

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Long Term Care

As our population moves past age 65 and enjoys a longer life, long term care insurance that covers nursing home care or home health care becomes more critical.

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